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LEGO ICONS AIRBUS Concorde 10318 Adult Building Set


  • LEGO set 10318 is part of the LEGO Creator Expert series, released in 2020.
  • It faithfully recreates the iconic Concorde supersonic airliner with 2,354 meticulously designed pieces.
  • The set captures authentic details, including sleek delta wings, retractable landing gear, and a detailed cockpit.
  • With a length of over 25 inches, the model offers a challenging and rewarding building experience.
  • Ideal for aviation enthusiasts and LEGO collectors set 10318 is a tribute to the engineering marvel of the Concorde.
  • Elevate your LEGO collection with this highly detailed and iconic representation of supersonic travel.
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LEGO Icons Concorde Set 10318: Essential Insights

Set Launch In 2023, LEGO released the Icons Concorde Set 10318. It’s popular among LEGO fans and aviation enthusiasts. This set beautifully replicates the iconic Concorde.

Design Highlights The set’s size is impressive: 105 cm long, 43 cm wide, and 16 cm high. It features a moving landing gear and a tiltable nose. Also, it includes a stand and a plaque for display and learning.

Historical Value The set pays tribute to the Concorde’s legacy. Known for speed and luxury, only 20 Concordes flew due to high costs. They retired in 2003. This set brings that history to life.

Price and Purchase Priced at about $399.99, it offers great value. It’s available on the LEGO website and at stores like Best Buy.

Further Info For more details, visit the LEGO website. Sites like BrickTastic and BrickEconomy also offer more insights.

In short, the LEGO Concorde Set is not just a toy. It’s a piece of history and offers a fun, educational experience.

For more details, purchasing options, or to delve deeper into the Concorde’s story, the official LEGO website is a great starting point. Retailers like Best Buy provide purchase opportunities, while LEGO fan sites such as BrickTastic and BrickEconomy offer deeper insights into this iconic set.

In summary, the LEGO Icons Concorde Set 10318 is more than just a building set; it’s a journey through history, engineering, and the joy of LEGO building. Whether you’re a collector, a history buff, or simply a LEGO enthusiast, this set promises to be a rewarding addition to your collection.


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lego concorde 10318LEGO ICONS AIRBUS Concorde 10318 Adult Building Set
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