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LEGO Icons Orchid Plant Decor gift 10311


The LEGO Creator Expert 10311 Orchid produces a stunning replica of a timeless and graceful White and pink flowers plant, making it worthy of a space in your LEGO Botanical Collection or being a perfect gift for a plant lover or flower enthusiast. 

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The LEGO Orchid Plant 10311 is a unique offering from the LEGO Botanical Collection. Designed for adult LEGO fans, it allows you to build a realistic orchid plant model. This set is perfect for those who love a detailed and engaging building experience.

Furthermore, the set is renowned for its lifelike design. You can customize the petals, leaves, and stems, adding a personal touch to your orchid. This feature enhances the creative aspect of the build.

Additionally, the set boasts intricate details. These details closely mimic the textures and shapes of a real orchid. It includes a display stand.  making it an attractive decorative piece for any room.

Lastly, as part of the LEGO Botanical Collection, it appeals to nature lovers and design enthusiasts. The set, with its specific number of pieces. Also looks great on display once built. It’s ideal not just for LEGO enthusiasts but also for orchid fans, transcending the traditional concept of a toy to become a work of art.

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LEGO ORCHIDLEGO Icons Orchid Plant Decor gift 10311
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