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LEGO Star Wars 75302 Imperial Shuttle


LEGO Star Wars 75302 Imperial Shuttle is a building set released in 2021, based on the iconic Imperial Shuttle from the Star Wars franchise. It features a detailed model of the shuttle, including an opening cockpit, wings that can be configured for flight or landing mode, and a mini figure of Darth Vader. The set contains 678 pieces and is designed for ages 16 and up.

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LEGO Star Wars 75302 Imperial Shuttle is a highly sought-after set among LEGO enthusiasts and Star Wars fans alike. This impressive model features a detailed design that closely resembles the Imperial Shuttle from the iconic film franchise. The set includes 660 pieces and comes with a range of accessories, including three minifigures, namely Darth Vader, an Imperial Officer, and Luke Skywalker. The key phrases for this product may include “LEGO Star Wars,” “Imperial Shuttle,” “Darth Vader minifigure,” “Luke Skywalker minifigure,” and “LEGO set 75302.” Overall, the LEGO Star Wars 75302 Imperial Shuttle is an excellent addition to any LEGO or Star Wars collection and provides hours of fun for builders of all ages.





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