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LEGO Festival Calendar 40678 Lunar New Year


In summary, the LEGO Festival Calendar 40678 Lunar New Year Set lets you celebrate Lunar New Year, explore traditions, and engage in creative play. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring the spirit of Lunar New Year to life with LEGO!




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Explore the LEGO Festival Calendar 40678 Lunar New Year Set

Experience the magic of Lunar New Year with the LEGO Festival Calendar 40678. This unique set celebrates the vibrant traditions of this cultural holiday. Here’s what makes it special:

Key Features:

Immerse in Lunar New Year: Dive into the rich traditions of Lunar New Year. The set pays homage to the holiday with intricate details and cultural elements.

Interactive Countdown: Enjoy a beautifully designed calendar with numbered doors. It lets you count down to Lunar New Year with daily surprises.

Adorable Miniature Models: Behind each door, discover delightful miniature LEGO models representing iconic Lunar New Year symbols. These include lion dances, lanterns, and firecrackers. Perfect for creative play and display.

Exclusive Minifigures: The set includes unique LEGO minifigures dressed in festive Lunar New Year attire. They add an authentic touch to your celebrations.

Quality and Durability: LEGO’s high-quality bricks and attention to detail ensure that your creations are not only fun but also long-lasting.

Educational Value: This set offers an excellent opportunity to learn about the cultural significance of Lunar New Year while engaging in hands-on building and play.

Great for Gifting: Whether you’re a LEGO enthusiast or searching for a unique gift, the LEGO Festival Calendar 40678 Lunar New Year is suitable for all ages. It’s a thoughtful and versatile choice.




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LEGO Festival Calendar 40678 Lunar New Year
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